the special photos of the Borderrun 2019

Information Borderrun H-D C Breda 2020  19 – 21 June

The situation in the world is very serious, it is also very uncertain when it’s  over.
Therefore we stop with the organisation of the Borderrun 2020. At this moment the cost we made are acceptable. If we continue the organisation the cost will rise and with the current uncertainty we think it’s not responsible for our club.
It was not a easy decision because we know that some all ready made their plans to come, but we must be realistic and therefore the only right decision.

The organisation for the reunion Ponderosa 2020 are still going on because it’s in October and hopefully the current situation is far behind us.

We hope you understand our decision and wish you all very good health and hope to see you all on better conditions.

H-D C Breda